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Our global network is expanding. When Internet of People (IoP) and Internet of Services (IoS) now is merged with Internet of Things (IoT),  it enables a wide range of new opportunities.  These include, among others, «next level» service development and decision support. With real-time feedback-loops and data collection from sensors, BigData-services and block-chain technology, valuable information is available instantly and remotely for enhanced operation and improved service quality.

In order to take advantage of the new opportunities, successful implementation and management of holistic strategies for Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture is essential. Before introducing new technology the overall System Architecture should be identified, reviewed and customized to serve the organization’s overall objectives.  Then the specific requirements for new software products or other technology will follow as a result of the System Architecture mapping-process.

Our global network.

smartCity – updating from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0


For Systems Engineers and others familiar to smartFactories and real-time feedback based technology, the ongoing adaption of the System Architecture concept to smartCities and other areas of society, may be seen as a natural evolution. For others the ongoing digitization process, with exponentially growth in new technology development, may be seen as a technology revolution. This is the 4th industrial (r)evolution, Industry 4.0, the next level for digital engineering and a major opportunity for new service and product development.

In a world where everyone and everything is connected, the capability of mining valuable information from the real-time data flow, and the capability of converting valuable data into information and insight, will be essential in order to create better services, applications or other products. Those who manage to establishing the necessary infrastructure for real-time data flow, System Architecture and automatic self-improving feedback loops for data mining, may take advantage of the Industry 4.0 opportunities and take the lead in developing next-level digital applications and services. This require knowledge within the craft of sorting valuable data from noise, the skills of mining information from data, and the art of network based system design. This is KRAFT Engineering:

KRAFT Engineering provides project management, consultancy and service development within the following areas:

  • Project Management and Consultancy within digitization- and technology projects
    • System Architecture
    • System Engineering
    • smartCity-/metricsCity solutions
    • Control Engineering Systems
    • Condition Monitoring (including sensor based real-time data management and development of Dashboard solutions)
    • Upgrade of maintenance process from «reactive error correction» to «proactive error avoidance» by real-time condition monitoring.
    • IoT / BigData – Holistic system development, service integration and database development.
    • Upgrade from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 technology and work processes.
  • Technical drawing (CAD / BIM / 3D-scanning / 3D-printing /4D-digital animations)
    • Civil Engineering (buildings, urban development, area planning)
    • Infrastructure (roads, bridges, railway, metro, power systems)
    • Power plants and networks (including energy management and analysis)
    • Industry / Electro mechanical systems and plant automation
    • Technical design solutions
  • R&D and Innovation
    • Product and service development
    • Development and visualization (3D/4D) of concept models
    • Pilot testing
    • Marine industry – concept design for vessels, ocean farming technology and offshore wind power solutions.


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