Electro & BMS

Electrical Engineering and Building Automation Systems


KRAFT Engineering provides Project Management and consultancy within the power- and construction industry. We provide service and support from initial project evaluations to finalized construction.

The services include advisory regarding holistic system architecture, engineering and supplier independent design- and product review. In order to identify the best possible holistic system architecture before suppliers and products are selected we  use digital virtual models (BIM and VDC) for simulations, test engineering and benchmarking of available solutions.

Electro- mechanical equipment, cabling, instrumentation and other system components are drawn into the virtual models or included as blocks and layers for each engineering discipline. The level of details for each model is determined by the complexity of the engineering project and customer requirements.

KRAFT Engineering Offshore Wind turbine - 3D Concept Model

The majority of our electrical- and automation projects includes power plants, renewable energy projects, building automation systems and infrastructure within grid networks and transport. In addition our services include system engineering, design, project management, coding and software support for Building Management Systems, – Automation Control Systems  and Energy Management Systems (BMS/BACS/BEMS).

KRAFT Engineering also support contractors and builders in the process of establishing operation and management (O&M) procedures and systems. In addition KRAFT Engineering may provide consultancy and review of suitable strategies for O&M, which may include cost-benefit analysis of “Condition Based Maintenance” (CM) vs “Periodical Maintenance” (PM) strategy.

In order to achieve best possible operational  performance of plants-, buildings and other supervised infrastructure, KRAFT Engineering may provide customized data gathering solutions, software an other tools for dashboard monitoring.

For more info, contact KRAFT Engineering here: electro@kraftengineering.no