BIM-manual for Architects and Engineers

The new BIM-manual is in progress. The central element in the new edition is focus on work processes for VDC. The new BIM-manual targets to serve as a governing document for establishment of digital project management tools, methodology and platforms for project communication and construction data management.

Next edition of the BIM-manual is in progress

We have recently received numerous requests for new editions of "BIM-manual for Architects and Engineers - The step by step introduction to digital engineering", and we have good news for those who wait for the next edition!

We have now started the work on editing the next edition! The new BIM-manual will be a more comprehensive, yet compact presentation, with simple work approach methodology, for fast track engineering projects. In the process we use previous BIM-engineering projects as case studies, combined with examples of how the BIM-work process may be successfully integrated with other digital collaboration tools.

The new BIM-manual will  target to keep a Lean focus on the work processes which have highest potential for quality improvement, cost reduction and time saving. The step-by-step introduction will provide the best practice  methodology to utilize the benefits of digital work planning.

Feedback, questions or comments regarding content, suggestions for topics which may be included or other suggestions for improvement for the next edition of the BIM-manual, is highly appreciated, and may be submitted here.